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Lance & Brittany’s Omaha Wedding!

    The Three Hour Wedding Package!

    Hi if you are here you are looking at an example of the three hour digital wedding package!
    Some might think the three hour package isn’t enough but if you look at the photos from this wedding you can see you can get a lot in!
    This wedding the getting ready section was close to the ceremony and the ceremony, reception and bridal photos were all at the same location!
    So there wasn’t a lot of in between travel time which definitely helps to get more photos!
    In this wedding I was able to cover getting ready, ceremony, group photo, family photos, bridal photos, guests at reception, cake cutting all in three hours!
    Hundreds of photos from their wedding day!
    All for $999.00
    You could hire a beginner photographer to cover 9 hours or more but you might end up with less usable photos, they might not have the right photography gear, know how to pose you, or  in some cases they might not even deliver the photos, or even show up.
    If you book us for your wedding you know we will show up.
    We have driven three hours to weddings.  Flown to other countries. Once you book your wedding date in you don’t have to worry if your photographer will show up.
    If you are having a small wedding or just on a budget but still want quality photos the three hour wedding package is perfect for you!
    No need to worry about posing we can guide you through it.
    We are extremely passionate about wedding photography and would love to be at your wedding.
    Digital wedding packages are all images delivered on USB in Hi-Res.
    Hundreds to thousands of photos from your wedding day.
    All images get run through my software to improve sharpness, colour, vibrance etc.
    Everything on the website has been edited in the same way.
    No hidden printing costs!
    A 25% investment is all that is required and then your wedding date is secured and locked in with the rest due on the day.
    Images take around 3-4 weeks for delivery after your wedding and if it is ok I post some photos up to the website within a few days.
    Contact us today to let us know more about your wedding!

    If you have any questions or would like to make a booking contact us today. ♥

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