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♥ Frequently Asked Questions ♥

How long have you been photographing weddings?

I have been photographing weddings around seven years! Wow.

What gear do you shoot with?

I shoot with two Canon 7D’s and a 6D all equipped with different lenses at different focal lengths. The lenses are all L series. 50mm prime lens. 24-70mm lens and the 70-200mm lens.
I also have a smaller 700D Camera that I use for wide angle shots or with a macro lens for wedding ring shots. So with four cameras at your wedding I’m covered if something happens to one.

Why do I shoot with three cameras?

Mainly because I was shooting beach weddings and changing lenses on a beach with all the sand that could fly into cameras or lenses really isn’t a good idea, and I like to look after my gear. Also changing lenses in any situation can make you miss the shot,  it’s just easier to have another camera loaded and ready to go.

What’s a digital wedding package?

Digital wedding packages are all images in hi res on USB. It gives you the option to print with any of the many online photo book or canvas options saving you $$ 🙂

How many images will I receive?

That depends on how long you book me for. A three hour wedding can be over five hundred images. A full days wedding can be over athousand. So out of that you will definitely get a lot of quality images.

What is a quality image?

In the age of digital we all have a lot of images on disc drives that we’ve never printed.
A quality image to me is any image that you would spend money on to get it printed. So the more quality images you receive the more photos you have to use in a book, on canvas, album, or give to friends as gifts.

How long will it take to receive the photos?

I’ve heard a lot of people take months to see their photos. As this is digital I can have your photos to you within two weeks from your wedding. And I can also have a couple up online or emailed to you the next day for you to share on social media.

Do you use a second shooter?

All the weddings I’ve photographed so far have been just me as I shoot hard so haven’t had to use a second shooter but if you feel you would like a second shooter it would be an extra 50 per hour.

What happens if for some unforeseen circumstances you can’t make the wedding?

The only reason I wouldn’t make a wedding is if I’m seriously injured. This is my game it’s what I love to do so I’m just as excited as anyone to be at your wedding.  but I do belong to a group of wedding photographers who I’ll be able to find similar options for you and be able to refer them if something does happen.

Do you charge travel costs?

Yes, anything out of Whangaparaoa is at $1.40 per km only one way and I use google to calculate it from my house to your location.  If further in New Zealand travel costs would include travel to the airport, parking, and flights.

What is your photography style?

My style is  a mix of photo journalism with normal portrait style that way you get a blend of both. Plus I shoot hard! So with the amount of images you receive you could delete 80% and still be left with the style you prefer!

Would you photograph in another country?

Yes definitely! I’ve photographed in Australia, and Rarotonga so very keen on doing it again for just  the travel, accommodation, meal costs for the weekend.

Do you photoshop photos?

No all the images on my site are just standard editing run through software with sharpening, cropping or colour adjustments. If you are wanting extra editing in Photoshop for skin smoothing etc or removal of things in backgrounds it would cost $50 per image. I worked as a retoucher for the Warehouse so have the skils for high volume editing but you should only use it for something you wanted to print to canvas that you think really needs editing. I shoot to make sure all images are good in camera straight away and only need really need sharpening, exposure, and colour adjusting.

What would be a tip looking for a wedding photographer?

Sometimes when I’m already booked and can’t shoot their wedding people ask me for advice on booking a photographer.

The main tip I would have if they’re not following any wedding photographers is to ask to see more then one full wedding.
This is important as the main thing in wedding photography is consistency. Every wedding is different and has different challenges but you should still be able to still maintain some consistency and sometimes some photographers get lucky with one wedding, good location,  weather etc which is the wedding they advertise. So you want to see more then one wedding. Also a lot of facebook wedding photographers I see only post 30 photos from a wedding with a few photos that look good and these should be your best photos from an entire wedding so that is an indication of what a full wedding will look like from them. So it’s always good to ask to see a couple of full weddings, that’s my main tip.
Also a lot of images people love are planned around sunset light so do keep that in mind as well. 🙂

Those are generally the main questions. If you have any others, do use the contact form and get in contact with me.
I look forward to hearing from you.